Meagie food
Meaty Veggie go Meagie  

Key words

Build Meagie burger

Major benefits

Mimic ground meat products

Vegan food(1)
Animal free
Sub product free (Milk(2), Egg, etc...)
Soy free
Protein rich

Well known ingredients
Local ingredients
Arable(3) as north as Scandinavia
Low carbon footprint(4)

Skin friendly
Unique acne diet solution
650 million suffer from Acne in 2010(5)

Good profit margin estimated

(1) Meagie is a vegan food, some examples that
include Meagie are however vegetarian.
(2) Meagie is milk free, but some examples here
use milk products like cheese to pizza.
(3) All ingredients except spices.
(4) Source "Low carbon diet".
(5) Source "Acne vulgaris".
Welcome to Meagie. Meagie is a group of vegan products that aim to mimic ground meat. This to give a vegan, vegetarian or carnivore the benefits from the taste of meat but still don't eat it, and to make it a bit easier for a carnivore who is used to meat to have a green Meagie day or so every week.
Besides that it is delicious and for everyone to enjoy. The major benefit with Meagie is that:
Sensitive people don't develop acne as many do from ordinary products.
It has a low carbon footprint compared to regular meat.
The goal is to give a visual experience of what the basic cooking recipe of Meagie can produce.

Vegan food

Mimic ground meat

Low carbon footprint

Acne free diet

Different foods
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Meagie balls

Fried Meagie balls with spaghetti and broccoli sauce.
Meagie balls
Meagie burgers

Fried Meagie burger sandwich style.
Meagie burgers
Meagie caviar

Meagie caviar on sandwich.
Meagie caviar
Meagie kebab

Meagie kebab pizza.
Meagie kebab
Meagie mince

Meagie mince sauce with boiled swede specially made ketchup, tomato and cucumber.
Meagie mince
Meagie pate

Meagie pate on sandwich.
Meagie pate
Meagie sausage

Meagie sausage on sandwich.
Meagie sausage
Producer/Investor wanted!
Producer/Investor wanted!
Please contact Enhance IT Sweden AB
Producer/Investor wanted!
People with interest to fund and/or produce Meagie food are wanted!
For investors
Meagie food is a high risk project. It exist no previous sales for an investor to estimate any future sales. It exist no contracts of any orders, only a verbal statement from a major food chain who says. "If it can be produced in large enough quantities we are willing to buy and include it in our line of products". Furthermore it taste good and it's cheap to produce. A regular person can based on Meagie food eat all meals necessary in a day for just around 2 Euro.
For you who love our planet
Meagie food is an attempt to do good! Both for the environment and for people as individuals. The goal is not to make as much money as possible (those a profit is of course welcome) but to create a great product that people like and that at the same time will combat climate change as it's a better choice than regular meat.
For you with skin problems
Meagie food is also beneficial for people with acne. By following a Meagie diet, it can help to reduce and even completely remove the symptoms. This without any creams or other medicals, just the right basic vegan ingredients and the proper way to prepare them.
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