Today it exist a lot of alternative products to treat acne with. There are medicine you eat and creams you rub your skin with. In commercials the majority of them present themselves with happy faces as having the miracle solution.

Before I started my development I used creams and it gave results but I also had my clothes destroyed. Today there are better creams out there as I have understood it. But in my quest for a solution that works I have thought a lot around this and come to the conclusion that we shouldn't have to use medicine or creams just to be able to eat the food we buy. It's like to pay to get beaten and who wants that? We shouldn't accept the current situation, as it is like a natural law to get spots in your teens. There is nothing natural about it and we should raise demands on our food distributors that this is not an acceptable situation.

I have no clear picture on how this situation have emerged, that according to the article "Acne vulgaris" in Wikipedia, there was in 2010 around 650 million people affected by acne and it was estimated to be the 8th most common disease globally. I guess one cause might be that people that don't have the problem also have created the food. Another cause might be that then you get it you think that this is a passing stage that you have to endure and it will fade away by age. But for many like me, this isn't the case! These are some points that might explain why this hasn't been an enough priority to completely solve.

Another question by using medications or creams is how our environment is affected by leakage of the substances they contain. Once there, they might have a bad impact on plants and animals. We can't even be sure that these substances are good for ourselves even if they have been tested. There are many examples of wonder cures that yesterdays technology priced but that in time have proven to be less than good or even really bad for us.

To conclude, I think that we shouldn't have to:
1. Use different kinds of skin care products just to be able to eat the food we are offered to buy.
2. Put a lot of time and money on skin care products to be able to eat the food we are offered to buy.
3. Need to worry ourselves about how these products might pollute our environment.



To you food produceres.

I hand over an olive branch and say that even with the best of intentions; I understand that it isn't easy to develop a good product.


To all you others.

Please don't pay to get beaten.

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