If you find it interesting to read about the background of Meagie, I will give you some input of what it was that led to my food interest and eventually to Meagie. First of all, I will spare you any further reading if you are here just for the Meagie recipe, it's not revealed. Sorry... Only the journey I had to develop it.

Meagie has its roots in that I can't eat all the food I want without getting acne and a bad stomach. As for most people with this problem it began in my teens and at some point I actually looked hideous. To visualize, around 40 spots on my back and another 30 or so on my chest, all in the size of bee stings. It was so bad that I felt a shamed of my appearance even those I had had no reason to do so. Simply put, I felt like a failure.

The first years I tried creams and stuff and they helped to some degree. However it was not good for clothes that got discolored and my stomach problem hadn't gone away. So I decided to try a different approach and instead go by food. At the time my skin had got use to the creams so then I stopped using them my skin got all red "like a boiled crayfish". Rather funny then I think about it today.

In the beginning I started to eat very few things to see if I could find food that was OK. This type of investigation wasn't easy and took time to master. I discovered that if I ate something bad, it could take between 1 to 14 days before I got any reaction and during that time I had plenty of opportunities to eat a variety of things that actually could have been the real cause of an outbreak. So a long time span was a factor to consider here and it took me many retests to be fairly sure. I have actually spent almost my whole adult life to learn and I have had many setbacks along the way. An unpleasant side effect of the strict diet I had to go through was "ABSTINENCE". It seems like my mind constantly went to delicious foods like kebab, pizza, chips and so on during my food tests and to make a valid food test I couldn't very well eat such stuff. Even those I completed many good tests, I also cracked many times during the years.

Meagie balls with carrot stew

At the beginning of my food testing I thought it might be just some few things I had to learn to avoid. But it wasn't! It was lots of things and every year food producers comes out with new products or change content of old once to make them more appealing to the customer. So to have some sort of overview, all full and half fabricates was out of the question. First of all because a full and correct content list isn't always printed on the packages and secondly many ingredients makes it harder to test than if you just have one to test. The natural way to go here became of course basic items only...
Further more, it wasn't just the amount of items I got wrong in the beginning. I was also colored of what I had heard others say about certain products. Take chocolate for instance. This was a product I've was told not to eat. But you can in fact eat it, however if it's mixed with a bunch of other ingredients it's another story. It's the final product that counts. Now I have found one chocolate bar in the store there I shop that I can eat and I must admit that I eat a lot of it.
During this period I also became a vegetarian. The theory I had here was that the animal meat was built up of food, that these animals them self's had digested and which I was sensitive to. I concluded that I had no control or couldn't have any control what so ever over what they had been eating. So I became a vegetarian and I have been one ever since. Today however I know it's not the meat (at least to me common meat) but the spices that they are cooked with. Still I remain a vegetarian since it has become some sort of life style for me.

I have also discovered that some food I can eat if it's prepared the right way. In the beginning this was very frustrating since I didn't see any difference in what I was eating. Sometimes it went OK without any problems and other times it didn't go at all??@!? CARAMBA... What was wrong? Well I soon learned how to deal with it and which food that was hardest to master and best left alone even those they went well sometimes. At the moment all this information is in my head but I have had plans to create a site just for this purpose to help others if they feel the food way is the right way to go. At the moment I see it as a possible complementary site to Meagie.


Today I haven't any real problems with acne. Not because I can eat whatever I want, sadly I can't. Instead I have learned enough to be able to eat good food without having any problems. Rare but when I get problems today it's that abstinence thing again or some experiment I made. However, today I know why I get problems. The emotion of knowing here is a great relief because if you know you can do something about it. If you don't, it's hard to know what to do but it's also a great strain on your mood.

If I get this Meagie enterprise working, I feel I have turned a disability of mine to something good. Not just for me but also for others with the same problem I have, since my Meagie product now could help them as well. My thoughts around Meagie here have been very focused with my kind of problems. But as I see it, regular vegetarians can eat it and none vegetarians as well, whom perhaps just want a green day or two in the week. For none vegetarians I believe that it's easier to replace meat with vegetables if it comes in the form of meat which is familiar and that's what I have tried to do with Meagie. Mimic meat as far as possible with conservative products, i.e. well known products. Not any additives like E-substances and other foreign stuff.

Support needed

If you read this far and feel this is something you can consider to be part of; I need your support to get going. Money and production facilities is welcome but it isn't everything, publicity is something else, so please spread the word!

This was the short story about Meagie.
Thank you!



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