Meagie kebab pizza

The test can be divided into two parts:

1. The first part has been directed into resolving which products that my body can accept without any problems.

2. The second part has been directed into how these products can be combined into new products.

Since the first part reveled that there are a lot of products that my body doesn't accept the second part has been dedicated to broaden the menu with things that I can eat. Otherwise the daily meal would get rather monotone if the same food is served every day. These parts are something that has evolved by time and it's not something that has been constructed scientifically in any way. The methods used have fallen naturally in order to solve a problem.


In the first part I used my own body as a reference to see if a product was Ok to eat or not. If I got a reaction I knew something was wrong. In the beginning I could only eat very few things in order to learn if it was ok or not. This has been a very tedious work since it can take between 1 to 14 days for my body to react on a food product, and during this time I have plenty of time to eat other things that also could have an impact on an eruption.

In the beginning it was very hard and I cracked many times due to abstinence for other foods during my test periods. I also decided to only eat basic food items instead of half fabricate since a half fabricate includes many basic items and I don't know if the one I test is the problem or if someone else included in the half fabricate is, so basic items only.

Meagie kebab pizza

Rather late in this test period I also became a vegetarian. The reason for this was that I suspected meat to be a problem and I had no idea of what in the meat that would be the cause. The cause for this was that I had no control of what the animal ate and grew of. Therefore I decided to stop eating meat. Today I know that it isn't the meat at least not meat common to me that is the problem but instead the spices that are used to cook the meat with. I have however stayed a vegetarian.

There was one more thing about the products them self's that complicated things. I noticed that some of the products I could sometimes eat without any problems whereas other times I could not. This was a hard nut to crack but I discovered that it was important how you prepare such a product. There is a span of these and some of them are harder than others to prepare in a satisfying way. So the most difficult once are best left alone to avoid any problems.

All this knowledge is something that I have accumulated during the last 20 years and I guess this is something I will keep doing in the future as well. This is however nothing that I have documented anywhere, it is only stored in my memory.


In the second part I started to mix different products from those I knew I could eat to mimic ground meat. This was to make my own menu a bit more fun to eat. When I finally found something that I could use I started to document the different recipes for the different ground meat products I was trying to mimic. It has become a rather extensive table for each product where I change some ingredients and/or handling from time to time to improve them. I have however not saved everything and as time goes by I have destroyed old notes.

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