Meagie burger with fried swede

The major vision with Meagie:

1. To be able to supply a good vegan food that doesn't generate acne.

2. To be able to create a complete series of complementary side products to Meagie that as Meagie doesn't generate acne.

3. To be able to sell a vegan product at least as cheap as ground meat and thereby promote people to do a good climate choice that in the end reduce the climate sensitive gases in our atmosphere.


According to the article "Acne vulgaris" in Wikipedia, there was in 2010 around 650 million people affected by acne and it was estimated to be the 8th most common disease globally. All that most likely would be helped by Meagie and vision 1 and 2 here. Even those the Wikipedia article claims there are no proof for that diet would help, I have spent the last 20 years by investigating my own body on how this can be done by diet and thereby avoid the suffering from acne.


The vision with Meagie is to create a vegan food that sensitive people that easily develop acne could eat. The majority takes a trouble free food intake for granted and it should go for as many as possible. When you eat something it should be obvious that you shouldn't have to feel bad the following days, weeks or even months after a meal.


A complementary series of side products to Meagie that as Meagie doesn't generate acne and that clearly states that they don't. This would revolutionize the food selection for this group and give them a healthy choice to choose from and thereby they would be able to skip the use of creams and/or medicine. Without proper food knowledge this group needs creams and medicine today to relieve their symptoms after eating from the available selection. These side products would not just be suitable for vegetarians. They would be good alternatives for carnivores and their meat dishes as well.


During recent years we have all been alerted about the climate change, its effects and its threats we are faced with if we don't act soon. The idea here is to sell a product that is as cheap as ordinary ground meat so that people in common will choose this product instead of animal meat.

The majority of people are price sensitive then it comes to food and for these people there is no real option to chose a vegan product over a meat product if the vegan product is around 50 to 150% more expensive (local prices to Sweden, other areas are unknown). How can we make people do a good choice for the planet in this case? Almost all carnivores will keep eating meat instead of veggies and thereby continue to add more than necessary of climate sensitive gases like carbon dioxide (see "Low carbon diet" in Wikipedia) to the atmosphere.

A green profit!!!

For a better world...

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